Outside of having a robust digital marketing strategy, appointing the right agency to work on the task at hand is just as critical for your business to be successful online. Agencies are an incredibly effective way of reaching your digital marketing goals and getting expertise in niche areas, but are you getting the best possible value for your investment? 


I know first-hand how vitally important it is that you work closely with each agency and that you have a sound understanding of each task undertaken. It is also equally important to get the right agency for the task at hand. All these areas I can support you in, ensuring that you get the best ROI for any spend invested. 

Why use me for agencY management?

I have worked with external agencies for many years (I even had a stint running one!). I have an in-depth understanding of how they work, how they charge, and how to make each project a resounding success. Areas I can assist with, include: 

Appraising and suggesting potential agency partners 

Each agency is unique in what they can offer, and where some agencies may struggle others will shine. I can help break through the noise and help you select your perfect match.  

Attending agency presentations and providing a second opinion 

As mentioned, selecting the right agency for the task is critical to any projects success. Sometimes presentations can be information-heavy, making it difficult to understand the offering. Additionally, there may be services missing from the offering or you may be paying for something that will not add any value. I will provide a second opinion, offer thoughts, and ask questions to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the correct decision. 

Joining catch up calls and attending agency meetings 

Each agency will appoint an Account Manager (AM) to look after you. They are an incredibly important resource, and maintaining regular contact is key in helping them to help you. I will work to ensure regular contact is maintained by attending meetings and having weekly catch up calls with the AM. I can either attend these meetings on my own and report back or serve as that all-important secondary voice. 

Analysing and understanding agency reports 

Most established agency partners provide in-depth reports on the activity they have undertaken. These reports can contain reams of useful information, that paint the picture on what is happening. Although, they can sometimes make a difficult read, which can be hard to determine what is happening. I can analyse, interpret these reports, break them down into terminology that makes it much easier for you to understand exactly what is happening, and what actions should be taken.

Suggesting improvements to the approach 

Agencies are experts at what they do, and that's why it's good to utilise their expertise. When working with an agency, however, it's important to take a collaborative approach, and it's best to see them as an extended part of your team. Sometimes agencies may miss important information or misunderstand the task at hand (we are all human after all). I highlight additional areas for consideration or ask the questions needed - ensuring you get the best possible results from any plan an agency puts together. 

Negotiating the budget and set of expectations 

If you want to get the best value out of any campaign, then it's important to understand exactly what you are paying for, how much it will cost, and what you should be expecting in return. I help make this clear from the outset and provide the agency with clear direction on what is expected in return. I have a good knowledge of what each activity will cost, and what is a reasonable amount to pay for each activity. 

How Does it work?

As with all of my services, you pay a fixed hourly amount for any work undertaken which is agreed beforehand.  This can either be on an ADHOC basis or a set amount of hours each month.  You can also utilise any additional hours left from any other projects or work undertaken. 

Hours are available to book online in a variety of denominations.  They can also be booked over the phone.  Get in touch to find out more about this service, alternatively book a consultation and I can take you through the options.